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Easy listening on a tough topic

Men, Women & Worthiness: The Experience of Shame and the Power of Being Enough - Brené Brown

I've become a bit of an evangelist for this audio...book? It feels like a personal appearance. Incredibly easy to listen to about a topic that's hard to embrace: shame. There is a lot of research-based information on the differences between men and women here, but the bigger notes for me were the definitions she created for "shame," "love," "guilt" and other words we use constantly and rarely stop to define for ourselves or those we speak with.


I cannot repeat often enough: everyone should listen to this. Quick reasons:


  • 1) You may not  think shame is a "thing" for you, but it is actually a vital part of being an empathetic human being. You want to feel guilt/shame - the other option is psychopathy.
  • 2) We can develop "shame resilience." It will just take a bit of courage.
  • 3) We don't have to go through massive trauma to feel shame. We all have it. I, personally, felt great relief when the author admitted to having "birthday shame." It made me realize we all feel shame, whether we think our "reason" is "good enough" or not. 
  • 4) There is a way out. It won't take decades of therapy, and this book was a delightful way to learn about the basics.


Did I say how easy - even delightful - she is to listen to? I'm not a huge fan of audiobooks, but this is one I'd recommend to everyone I know or don't know.