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24+ hours completed, 4 books done & still haven't touched those two I've been reading all month ;) #24in48 @24in48readathon

I did, at some point soon after I first posted about doing this, realize exactly who at booklikes was kind enough to clue me in -- Debbie, of Debbie's Spurts. I'd apparently even written it down.

At the time I was having trouble concentrating & didn't want to take another break. So I would really like to thank you for letting me know about this. I just finished, so now I'm going to go stretch, shower, eat, etc. Thanks so much though!

#24in48 Still going...

Reblogged from Debbie's Spurts:
— feeling hungry

I'm still readathon-ing; just not posting much. About 4 a.m. here.  The leftover pizza is calling my name...