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Beat the Backlist! AKA, that darned TBR pile keeps growing



I have to note this somewhere, so here's a good place.


I've managed to be realistic about some books on my huge TBR list over at GR, but it's not getting smaller b/c new books keep coming out. Also I'm way behind on actually reviewing books I've read, so I hereby am getting serious!


I've made a spreadsheet with the help of another lovely bookworm, and I joined a "beat the backlist" challenge. The goal is to read books published pre-2018, which won't be hard since I never got to 2016's books. My current goal is going to be 35, and if I hit that, I'll update to a larger number.


I'll be adding a shelf here & keeping track here, since my goal is to keep booklikes realistic, usable & not just a huge pile of unruly books that sounded good at some point. The tag will simply be "backlist".


I've also been collecting TBR advice, so may as well list it here:


And as soon as I fix my computer, I have 5 reviews to complete & some good books to discuss. That's all. Now my link is made. Ta-da!