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Best Quirky Characters I've Met in a While

Where'd You Go, Bernadette - Maria Semple

Well this was a fun indulgence with the best quirky characters I've met in a while. Bernadette, her family and the other characters in town were a trip. Her daughter may be one of the more wise teenagers I've met in books from a parent's angle. She also has devastatingly good taste in music, and she does that thing where a kid is shocked, SHOCKED, to find that her mother is an actual human being with a past and knowledge of things outside of the household.


The mystery part of this one was secondary for me. In fact, I didn't need any mystery. Any way that Bernadette and the bunch had moved forward from a hilarious, but actually quite sad for them, stuck-point would have made me happy. The mystery was not as mysterious or good as I would have hoped, but it's hard to dislike this book with such fascinatingly flawed humans on every page.