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Good middle-grade to adult intro to transgender feelings

George - Alex Gino

George is a great little book narrated by one of the best kid narrators around. Younger than I usually read, I found George (both character and book) wonderfully endearing. It's a clever way to introduce readers to a non-controversial and easy-to-love trans person. I couldn't be more different from George, but I found it very easy to empathize with many parts of her experience.

Who could be less threatening than this little person with the dream of playing Charlotte (the famous literary spider) in her class play? What a simple dream that is. Why must we make it so complicated by assigning arbitrary gender roles to Charlotte's Web?

George is lucky to have a great best friend who very nearly steals the show in more ways than one. There's no super preachy human rights or politically correct diatribe here, but it's not totally Pollyanna either. It's a simple story of a person who doesn't fit, her precocious friend, a school play and then about as many more layers as you choose to see -- like many good children's books. But don't get me wrong, this is told in a way that even kids could understand with a little helpful guidance.

George is young enough that a newcomer to these issues or a child doesn't have to deal with sexual reassignment or anything terrifically explicit. I wish this book had existed long before now, but I sure am glad it's finally here.