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Leave this one to the young people it's meant for

Impulse - Ellen Hopkins

Less than two months into 2018, I've hit my first hard DNF/had to abandon at a bit less than 50%.

I was very excited to read this. I love poetry and psych hospital settings when done well. The hyper-emotional style of much sick-lit fits well with teenagers, so all of this sounded worth a chance to me. I showed up early at the library on Saturday February 3rd to get the copy they'd set aside.

I've tried ever since to read this book. I just can't get through it. I realize I'm in the minority here, but I got nothing from it. Verse, which I normally love, may have stopped connection to any of the characters. It's not strict or tight scheme. It's just enough to elude communication either from the characters or author herself. The characters seemed flat and absurdly unrealistic at times. While I could follow the story, I was getting nothing from it.

I feel almost sure that as a young teenager, I might have liked this, so clearly it wasn't written for me, and my review is really only for the older folks who often read younger lit -- you may want to sit this one out. Let the kids enjoy this one on their own. (But then make sure they know the truth about some of the many many issues in this volume.)