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House of Leaves group read with Mark Z. Danielewski - open & free

House of Leaves - Mark Z. Danielewski

I know everyone's busy these days, but I just stumbled over something I find exciting. 


House of Leaves group read on facebook (sadly facebook, but....)


The leader is Mark Z. Danielewski!


It just started. So I'm going to take this chance to read it with the author over the next months.



HOL Group Read w/ MZD on FB




Want to take part? Still early days, despite the official start date, they've only done the covers & front matter.)




Click Join and they'll approve you as soon as he or his assistant is online. Huge group, but already a ton of materials available, etc. Page one started yesterday, so we're not behind at all.



nb. I have nothing to do with this beyond having just joined the read myself.