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Of Mice and Men -- buddy read with a young man

Of Mice and Men - John Steinbeck

I just reread this with my nephew - a buddy read. I was reminded how much I loved this book years ago. It's a short and somewhat simple story that leaves me aching and questioning myself about ethics and morals and what, exactly, does "right or wrong" mean? Lenny is one of the most endearing figures I've ever read. George can seem so brilliant in comparison, but he is also just a simple guy, doing his level best to figure out what is right in a difficult situation. Both men steal my heart.


It's not a simple book, not by a long shot. It just reads simply. The implications are huge. Amazing how Steinbeck could bring up so many questions in a two-hour read.


I've made up my mind about this book, but it's one everyone should deal with on their own.