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The Rules of Magic -- Yummy, fun, made me happy

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The Rules of Magic: A Novel - Alice Hoffman

"I think we're going to like it here."


I really liked this book. I've not read anything by Alice Hoffman before, and this was the most easily accessible from the library, so I grabbed it with zero knowledge of what I was grabbing.


It's the story, starting in the 1960s, of the Owen family - mostly Frannie, Jet and Vincent, three teenagers in New York City, growing up under the watchful eye of their parents. They've been given strict rules about messing around with any sort of magic. Because of that, as children do, they gravitate toward ouija boards (getting babysitters fired in the process) and their mother's fancy and mysterious soap. Before their parents can do much, they've discovered that there is something different about them, and this is the saga of their family, culminating with the girls being old ladies, living in the family house in Connecticut and welcoming Vincent's grandchildren into their home.


It's realistic fantasy, which is the type I seem most suited for, I am learning. There were some weird things (like why can't they just make someone invisible, or avoid the family curse through magic, or any number of other things I wondered. However, I don't know magic, so maybe there's more to it than I can comprehend.) None of it was enough to deny me enjoyment. It is not the great American novel, but it was a really nice read. Nothing annoying, always interesting, both characters and plot were satisfying. I will certainly be finding more of Ms. Hoffman's writing very soon. 


"I think we're going to like it here," says one of the little girls arriving in Connecticut to their aunts' house after a tragedy. I agree with them, so I will pick up Practical Magic soon and happily follow the rest of the story.