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Hunger -- honesty on a platter

Hunger: A Memoir of (My) Body - Roxane Gay

This is embarrassing. I started reading this and immediately knew the first story, which is a good clue I've read it before. I continued knowing the stories all the way through. In fact I'm pretty sure this book is where I first learned of Blue Apron(tm). I don't keep a good list usually (though I'm trying to remedy that) and apparently I'd not marked it as read. Every time my Kindle updates, it marks ALL of my books as "New" so I have no idea.


Nonetheless, this book was worth a second read. I have a feeling I may have blocked some of this one out because it's so truthful and honest, and I wasn't in a place - even just a couple of years ago - to be quite so honest with myself. Something has changed since then, and I truly appreciated her sharp honesty on this read. I found many things I could relate to: most of all the desire to disappear after trauma, and to disappear by gaining enough weight that society ignores me. This book alone could give me grist for the therapy mill for a while (honestly, these topics have been grist for the therapy mill for a while already, but I'm a pro at avoidance.)


It's funny. I work in this arena. I know all of these things. I can therapize others with the best of them, but it's so tough to be this kind of honest with myself or the few people I trust most. I certainly couldn't write a book about my personal shame. I so appreciate, respect and owe massive gratitude to Roxane Gay and others who write this kind of truth.