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Sometimes I Lie - The movie should be OK

Sometimes I Lie - Alice Feeney

My opinion of SOMETIMES I LIE changed constantly. Honestly, it's a one or two star book for most of it that moves into the four-star area in plot only at the very end. I nearly stopped a few times, but I got it after a wait list, and I couldn't just get it back, so I plodded on. Plus it was audio (a well-done audio!) and that made it easier to just keep listening while I worked.


Yet another present-past-present-past formula. It's about a woman in a coma. Exciting! Also, do they not have catheters in the UK?


Once I got past the irritation of some incorrect medical possibilities, the silly format, play-by-play of every single moment of the coma, and multiple long slow sections of childhood diaries, there was a decent book hiding somewhere inside. Actually, I think there's a decent *movie* hiding inside. I don't know that this could be a great book without a whole new writer. It felt very much like a screenplay to me.


I did get to a point where I wanted to know what happened. We go a very long time with nothing happening. It's all foreshadowing. Then in the final fifth(?) of the book, about a thousand twists all just start coming one after the other. I knew a few things would happen. I'd also guessed one of the biggest in a way. I wasn't exactly correct, but I was not entirely off. I just had the reason for the "reveal" down to something slightly different than it was. Outcome was the same.


So this book felt to me like a screenplay for a rollercoaster that starts off going straight for about four painstaking miles, then in the last mile it not only has steep drops, but also loops and upside-down twirls and adds water and some poodles and there's a clown under your seat. It was a lot. It was overkill. It will be a fun movie though.