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Rosie Colored Glasses -- Love is not all you need

Rosie Colored Glasses - Brianna Wolfson

Once again, we see love is not all you need, especially when you are a parent.


Rosie and Rex are somewhat star-crossed lovers, and their differences bring them together even while they keep them apart. While living in the blush of love, they bring two children into their marriage, and they don't know how to keep it all together, despite desperately wanting to.


I got very angry at these parents for keeping their mouths shut when they should be talking, being rigid when they should be bending, and not setting their feet down when that was absolutely required.


This was a tear-jerker, but it ends on a positive note. Even when we aren't quite sure how to love someone, if we are willing to be vulnerable, uncomfortable, and try though we're sure it will cause us torture, we are all better for having walked openly through the pain.