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The Refrigerator Monologues -- Linked Fantasy Shorts

The Refrigerator Monologues - Annie Wu, Catherynne M. Valente

What a fun little book. Linked short stories all from "Deadtown" where we are shown around and introduced to the Hell Hath Club by its president Paige Embry. Being president means Paige gets to the Lethe Café early to hold the table while she passes the time drinking ristretto pulled cups of nothing.


Each of the members of the Hell Hath Club tells her story. They are superheroes, partners of superheroes, villains or partners to villians, a sea princess; you get the drift.


The writing is laugh aloud funny at times. All of the characters are "very beautiful and very well-read and very angry." This makes for snazzy dialogue and funny lines, driven home by occasional black and white drawings.


Very inventive but it got a bit boring along the way. I wanted more about Deadtown, rather than another death origin story. I really wanted more of the women of Deadtown to be defined by something other than the men they left behind. (Apparently if you die while in love, you're stuck in love forever. This is not my conjecture, it's spelled out in the book.)


Though they were extremely original and not repetitive in content, it was the form perhaps that bored me? We knew everyone would die, after all. I usually quite like short stories, but this was a take it or leave it read for me.