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The Big Sleep - Raymond Chandler creates Philip Marlowe

The Big Sleep - Raymond Chandler

I wanted to read Raymond Chandler's Philip Marlowe series, but I was worried that I might be too influenced by 50 years of watching movies. I was concerned that I might keep picturing Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall, but once I started the novel, the characterization is so well done that my worry now seems silly. Not only are the characters well-written, the novel itself is a joy. It's self-assured yet manages to be surprising. Despite modern sensibilities I felt far less put off by the depictions of women and minorities than I have been in some other literature (though it's important to remember the time in which it was written,) and just as I've come to expect from this era's literature - everyone drinks a lot (that's not a good thing, but it is true.) Even knowing how this story was going to unfold, I was drawn in by the crime, characters and setting, and I could picture every step Marlowe took. There are "broads" and "dames" but the books feel less tawdry than the label "noir" does. I had planned on working my way through the series, but the tone wears a bit thin if I read too much without throwing another book or type of book in the mix. so I've only gotten through two books so far. That's fine - unlike the characters and their liquor, I will savor each one slowly, imbibing over time.