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24in48 readathon is coming again next weekend

I don't know how much I will actively take part in the official readathon, but I plan on doing a weekend of purely reading next weekend -- nothing else, completely inspired by doing this in January with the official 24in48 (found here: https://24in48.com/ )


I'm stocking up w/ food, a book list...actually, I'm deciding between one HUGE book and many slim ones, and I'll probably combine the two ideas.


This particular/July 24in48 is dedicated to diversity in reading (a problem if I go w/ my one huge book idea.) 


Anyway, I'm planning to sit around in my PJs next weekend and read - anyone else able to throw a weekend into books? If you want to do it officially, here's the sign-up




They give prizes both in the US and internationally! 


But I found the constant pressure to take pictures of books and post on social media both annoying and time consuming. However, it is a good way to make sure I read. So this time I'll do less of the social media, but I do plan on following them if only to stay true to my plan. 


Would anyone here on BL like to do this with me? We could simply use a tag or a post to keep in touch, this post, for instance. Let me know, and if you see "24-in-48" this is what I mean.